Snow Updates

Christmas is an important time at the burial ground, and we are very well aware that a good many famillies are keen to visit.  We are doing all that we can to enable this.

Even though temperature remain below freezing, there has been some thawing of the snow at Sun Rising.  Today, we are confident to say that the A422 is running fairly well, but we would advise extreme caution on Sun Rising Hill if you are travelling from the direction of Banbury.  The road from Brailes to Tysoe has been gritted and is also passable.

However, the lane from the A422 to Tysoe that runs past the burial ground is not gritted, and has only been accessible by 4x4s until today.  We made it through today, but once again it needs extreme caution as it remains dangerous with snow, frozen slush and ice. (See the photograph below: excuse the photo quality – it is taken on a mobile phone.)

The Lane between Tysoe and the A422

We have cleared the layby from the lane to the gate of the burial ground, and two cars parked neatly can fit in there.  We do not advise any car except 4x4s with competent drivers to attempt to enter the car park, where there is still a good depth of snow.

We have shovelled a path from the car park to the Roundhouse, and cleared the Roundhouse of snow.  However, we advise that the Roundhouse itself is likely to be slippery with ice. Be aware too that a slip on the paths may result in a painful injury, as the stones are uneven under the snow and ice.

Please stick to where you know there are paths at the burial ground if you do visit, as it will be easy to find yourself walking on snow-covered graves.

In conclusion, we would accord with the national advice not to travel unless it is necessary.  If however you are determined to come to Sun Rising, please note our words and be extremely careful, both on the roads and at the site.