New Life

This new fall of snow has been quite different from that which fell in January.  Light and fluffy, it has settled on the lightest twigs and branches, and creating a canopy over the winter grass and natural litter under which little creatures can find shelter from the cold wind.  Under such a canopy the first snowdrops are coming through at Sun Rising.  Most are still hidden by the snow covering, but some are breaking through.  In this photo you can see the space under the snow.


The snow is starting to melt now so should cause no more disturbance to visitors.  However, after the very wet year, summer and winter, the ground is still waterlogged making it hard to keep the standards of tidiness and care that we aim for: nature is really getting the upper hand with respect to mud.
We’d ask visitors, too, to watch where they put their feet now if walking off the stone paths and tracks, for there are now the leaves of snowdrops, daffodils and other early arrivals, peaking through the earth.  A heavy foot can damage or destroy the plant all too easily.