Yellow Flowers

It was in March that the first of the daffodils came out at Sun Rising, and almost immediately the site was covered with a foot of snow.  I worried that many of them wouldn’t make it through that very cold period, but over a month later there are still daffodils out.

yellow spring

Now the dandelions are coming out!  And yes, there are still too many of them at Sun Rising.  We have removed some, but there are  areas which are again becoming monocultures, which isn’t good for the ecosystem.  Nonetheless, they do look beautiful for a while!

The larger cherries are coming into flower as well, offering some white flowers to the profusion of yellow, but the soft new leaves of the hawthorn and willow are still almost yellow.  After a burst of spring rain, the place just sparkles in the sunlight, every flower shining with its yellow brilliance.