Nova's Cabin

Nova’s Cabin

The new cabin is currently being erected at Sun Rising.  Made almost entirely of wood, with waney edged green oak boards and a cedar shingle roof, the cabin will provide us with a small place where I can meet with families to talk about ideas, hopes, plans and wishes,  to arrange funerals and memorials, to share a moment’s conversation, and in winter perhaps to warm hands and toes.

There is also an eco-composting toilet in the cabin.  This has little of the white ceramic elegance of a twenty-first century convenience, but it is a brilliant piece of design: a toilet that needs no sewerage, no water, no electricity.  It can also be placed near water courses, like the little brook that runs along the side of the burial ground, as, being entirely self-contained, it poses no risk of pollution.  And all it creates is compost!  Let’s see how it works in practice.

The cabin won’t be staffed all the time, so the toilet – accessible only through the office – won’t be available except if there is a member of staff on site.  However, whenever we are there, the five-bar gate will be open: so pop in and say hello!

Here’s a picture of the construction in process …

Nova's Cabin

Building Nova’s Cabin at Sun Rising