The Friends of Sun Rising Products banner: beehives along the hedge.
The Friends of Sun Rising Products

Friends of Sun Rising Products

As part of its fundraising, The Friends sell a number of Sun Rising-related products.  They are available at Sun Rising events or by arrangement - please get in touch.

There have been bee hives at Sun Rising since 2010, humming with happy, healthy honey bees who gather pollen from the wildflower meadows, hedgerows and even the flowers left on graves, as well as the surrounding fields. The bees are cared for by master bee-herder, Viktor Zaichenko, who harvests the honey.

It really is smooth and sweet, quite unlike commercially processed honey. Indeed, amongst bee keepers it is said that honey from cemeteries is the most delicious of all - perhaps because the bees are undisturbed. The health benefits of local honey are also well known: it is said to be a natural antihistamine, helping with hay fever and infections.

The honey is sold in aid of The Friends, with a 340g jar priced at £5. We usually have some at events such as Open Days, Music Recitals, Nature Watch days and Tree Planting, but at other time it can be bought through Emma. Give us a ring and we can make arrangements to bring some to the burial ground or deliver jars locally. We are unable to send jars in the post.

We are very grateful to Invopack for their support of The Friends in 2013, with their donation of twenty buckets for collecting the honey. To the left here you can see Arjen from Invopak, Viktor, and Sun Rising director David Orr.

With beautiful artwork by professional illustrator Philip Bannister, our Sun Rising tea towel is 100% organic cotton.

It's an exquisite autumn view, and its companion showing a floral summer perspective will be available soon.

They are £10 each.  If you'd like tea towels posted, please get in touch for p&p rates.

These beautiful lapel pins are were made using the logo designed for The Friends by Tim Howe. They are 3 cm wide, made of hard enamel on stamped copper, with a proper clasp at the back.

The price is £3.  They can be bought in the cabin at the burial ground or at events. Alternatively, they can be sent out to you if you add £1 for postage and packing (up to 5 pins).

As the costs for this run of pins was funded by one of our trustees, the proceeds go to The Friends in full!

Friends of Sun Rising Key Ring

Using The Friends' hare logo, these key rings are hard enamel on stamped copper.

They are £5 each, can be bought in the cabin at the burial ground or at events.

Alternatively, they can be sent out to you if you add £1 for postage and packing (up to 3 key rings).


Photographs, each taken at Sun Rising by Emma Restall Orr, are annually made into good quality greetings cards for sale in aid of the Friends. The cards are full colour, beautifully rendered pictures showing some of the richness of the nature reserve. 

Cards can be bought for £1.50 each or for £15 for twelve. They are left blank inside for your own message, and each comes with a neat white envelope.

If you are visiting Sun Rising, let us know and we can meet you there with the box for you to peruse. Cards are on sale at Sun Rising events. We are also able to send them by post: please get in touch for a quote on postage and packing.


This is a set of photographs taken at Sun Rising by Emma with a winter theme. Made into good quality cards with white envelopes, they are blank inside for your own greeting, and are sold in aid of The Friends.

Cards come as a pack of six, and can be bought for £9. If you buy two or more packs, the cost is £7.50 per pack. If you'd like us to post them, please add P&P at £2.50 for up to 24 cards, or ask for a quote if you want more.

If you are visiting Sun Rising, let us know and we can meet you there with the box for you to peruse. Cards are on sale at Sun Rising events.

A pdf of the current set can be seen here: Friends of Sun Rising Winter 2019 Card Set. (The pdf has low resolution photos so it doesn't take too long to upload.)

An explosion at a chemical plant and sixteen men lose their lives. Eight year old Michael will never see his father again ...

Inspired by true events, this is one man’s deeply moving journey into the past as he uncovers the truth about his father’s death and his mother’s life.

This novel is inspired by and based on the 1974 Flixborough Disaster, Britain’s largest peacetime explosion until Buncefield in 2005. Told from both an adult and child’s eye view, it is a deeply moving account of how the death of a parent can alter the course of a child’s life. Whilst it is not an anti-corporate story, it shows how the fragmentation of corporations and outsourcing can lead to the loss of communication, common purpose and sense of responsibility with potentially devastating consequences.

Barry Hotson passed away just before its publication and is laid to rest at Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground. His family are dividing the royalties between The Friends of Sun Rising, and the Aylesford Unit at Warwick Hospital, in his memory.

'Suffering the Fire' is published by Cillian Press : Although it may need to be ordered, we would encourage you to support your local bookshop, but it can also be bought online or through the family direct (email us).

Available in softback (£9.99 in the UK) or e-book (price varies).

For 2018 we created a wall calendar of photographs, all taken at Sun Rising, each photograph donated by the photographer.  It proved a great success, and we are looking to create another in the future. If you have photographs you'd like to donate, please do send them in for consideration.

The next calendar will be A4, month by month, with a card back (as shown here). Although many views are clearly of Sun Rising, the name is only mentioned on the front and back cover.

If you'd like to submit a photograph or two for a future year's calendar, again please get in touch.

The Sun Rising Hare Coffin is another way in which families can support the Friends.

The simple but sturdy brown cardboard coffin features the Sun Rising logo, designed, painted and donated by Tim Howe. With its colourful character, the hare bounces over the meadow, brightening the simplicity of the brown card.

If requested, the name and dates of the loved one, a few lines or even a poem, can be written on the lid, either by us at Sun Rising, or by family and friends, adding to the individuality of this special coffin.

And contributing further to the value of the coffin, £40 is added to the usual cost of the coffin, this donation going straight to The Friends.

The Friends also offer a 100 per cent recycled card casket for ashes after a cremation. This is very affordable, with a percentage of the price going to The Friends.

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