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Maps of Sun Rising

The creation of a nature reserve and natural burial ground takes time.  Starting with a field in 2006, our vision map here shows what we hope Sun Rising will look like when it is complete in years to come.  With areas of woodland, wildflower meadow, grassy paths and rides, hedgerows, and the pond area, it will have many different habitats for wildlife.

Instead of planting all the woodland up front, much of the woodland is created as memorials trees, mainly on graves - so it's a gentle process.  There are areas of established wildflower meadow, and areas still being developed.  The margins and hedgerows are growing, becoming richer for wildlife, year by year.

Compare the two maps above to see how we are progressing.  Areas that are not yet developed are shown as grassland in the 2020 map - some sections are mown each year, some left for longer to get wild and tussocky.

Of course, Sun Rising is already well worth exploring.  Paths are mown to encourage you to meander and discover.  Habitat interpretation boards around the site explain the various ecosystems and how we manage them.