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The Tree Sparrow Project

Tree Sparrows (Passer montanus) are one of those little birds that used to be numerous.  Between 1970 and 2008, records showed a cataclysmic collapse in the UK population - of up to 95 per cent.  Dedicated conservation programmes have shown small recoveries in recent years, but much needs to be done.

At Sun Rising, we are blessed with having one of the few remaining colonies in Warwickshire.  With a beautiful chestnut head and vibrant chattering calls, these shy birds need nesting places, appropriate food and space away from the more dominant house sparrow.  If we can help boost our population further, they may begin to spread out from here, repopulating nearby landscapes. 

Working with the RSPB and Banbury Ornithological Society (BOS), we are now adding a further 12 nest boxes, making a total of 18.  We are also adding two more birdfeeders especially for the tree sparrows.  As you can imagine, the cost is significant!

We need your help to keep these feeders full.  If you can make a one-off gift or regular donation, we'd be hugely grateful.  Either get in touch, or use our Paypal donate button here …  Thank you so much!

Tree Sparrows on Nestbox at Sun Rising
Tree Sparrows at Sun Rising