Interpretation board at Sun Rising site entrance.
About Sunrising

About Us

Who We Are

Sun Rising is owned and managed by Emma and David Restall Orr, under the company name Nature Reserve Burial Grounds Ltd.  Emma mainly works on the funeral side, David on the technical and ground work, both sharing the responsibility of the developing nature reserve.

Managers Emma and David at Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve

Our Vision

Sun Rising is both a natural burial ground and a nature reserve.  Our aim is to provide the opportunity for families and individuals to lay a loved one to rest in a beautiful and peaceful place, offering the chance to do so in a way that is graceful, personal, ethical and affordable.

Since 2006, we have been working to create a truly valuable, ecologically-rich nature reserve, with areas of native woodland, hedgerows, wildflower meadow and wetland.  This is integral to the peace of the burial ground, but will also benefit the local environment and its communities for generations to come.

Six Spot Burnet Moth on Common Knapweed at Sun Rising

Long-Term Security

A crucial part of Sun Rising is that it is protected into the long-term future.  As a haven for wildlife and an important ecological resource, the nature reserve will be protected and as such protect the natural burial ground as well.  Equally, the natural burial ground will add protection to the nature reserve.

Further protection comes from our registered charity, The Friends of Sun Rising.  In time, the company will hand over responsibility for the management and care of Sun Rising to the charity.  Have a look at the Friends’ pages for more information.


Sun Rising is run on very strong social and environmental ethical principles.  From the coffins we provide to the little saplings that are planted, we strive to be as eco-friendly as we can be.  We aim to make Sun Rising welcoming to all, and affordable as a funeral option.  For banking, insurance, web hosting, phone and electricity, we use companies who take an active ethical position.  Where possible we work with sole traders, local and family businesses.

Oxeye Daisies at Sun Rising

Standards and Feedback

Green Flag Award

Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve is proud to have been awarded a Green Flag. We were first given the award in July 2015 and have been awarded it ever since. Green Flag award scheme was launched in 1996 to recognise and reward the best parks and green spaces in the country. The rigorous judging measures aspects such as cleanliness, safety, sustainability, heritage conservation and quality of management. It represents the national standard of excellence for parks and green spaces.


Every family who buries or remembers a loved one at Sun Rising is invited to give us feedback about the burial ground and the services that we provide. We are always grateful to families who are willing to have their feedback published on our Testimonials page on this website. We would equally value any critical feedback that would enable us to improve our service.


Should anyone experience any problems when dealing with Nature Reserve Burial Grounds, we ask that complaints be brought to us for immediate consideration: we will do all we can to ensure that any problems are easily, peacefully and wholly resolved as soon as possible.

Emma and David with Friends and Volunteers with Green Flag at Sun Rising


Most photographs on this website were taken by Emma Restall Orr, but we thank every photographer for work donated. We are also grateful to Wayne Avanson for our beautiful tree logo, and to Tim Howe for the iconic Friends of Sun Rising hare logo. Many thanks also to our kind friends and volunteers who reviewed this site with valuable suggestions and supportive feedback. And a huge thank-you to Niki Peach for her elegant web design.