We ask that all visitors please to maintain a respectful social distance from other visitors throughout the ongoing pandemic, thank you …
Welcome to Sun Rising Burial Ground and Nature Reserve

Welcome to Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve


We are open as usual. Whether arranging an interment, attending a funeral, visiting a grave or enjoying the nature reserve, we ask you to take care to maintain social distancing.

When the time comes to find an appropriate final resting place for our loved ones, what we may seek is a peaceful and beautiful environment, where we can remember and reflect, undisturbed. We want to feel that we have chosen the right place for them, and we need to feel confident that it will be protected in the long term.

Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve is set in glorious Warwickshire countryside at the edge of the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It has a unique peace and beauty throughout the seasons, and because it is protected as a nature reserve, you can be assured that it will grow more beautiful as the years pass.

Hares in the Buttercups at Sun Rising
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Recognising that everyone's experience at this time will be different, we offer a caring, supportive and professional service to each and every family.

Please give us a call on 01295 688488 to talk about what you would like for your loved one, and what we can offer. Or if you prefer we can arrange a meeting at the burial ground, to have a look around and talk through your needs and wishes.

Full contact details are on our Contact Us page.

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For those whose preferred or first language is British Sign Language, we have a Volunteer BSL Communication Support Worker who is sometimes available.