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Planning your Funeral Ahead

Planning Ahead

At Sun Rising we know how important it is for family members and friends to feel sure that the funeral of a loved one is just what they would have wanted. When those organising a funeral know the last wishes of a loved one, it makes it so much easier to get through those first difficult days, weeks and months. That knowledge is a priceless gift.

However, talking about our wishes with those we love can be extremely hard. Even finding an appropriate moment to raise the subject can be difficult. Our desire to talk about such things can be seen as morbid or negative, when really we are simply looking for peace of mind.

Understanding this, we welcome individuals, couple and families who wish to talk through ideas, needs and concerns. Make an appointment when you're ready.

My Last Wishes

This is step-by-step guide that includes every question you need to consider - from whether you'd like to be buried or cremated, to whether you'd like a particular piece of music played at your funeral. You can download it as a pdf by clicking the button here or get in touch and we'll send you a copy on paper.

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Buying a Grave Plot in Advance

If you are aged 65 or over, it is possible to purchase a grave plot in advance at Sun Rising.

When you buy a plot in advance, you receive a Licence: this entitles you to be buried, or nominate someone else to be buried, at the burial ground. In accordance with our Cemetery Regulations, we ask all Licence holders to keep in touch with us.  After 20 years, we will contact the Licence Holder at their last known address to check whether the Licence is still required.  If at that point they do not respond, we will assume they do not wish to use the plot.  Otherwise, the Licence can be renewed for a small administrative fee.

Get in touch to arrange an appointment, and we can go through the forms with you.

Note: only the plot can be paid for in advance of need.  All interment fees and the costs of other funeral services and memorials can only be paid at the time of the burial.  If you are looking for an entire pre-payment plan, please talk to your local funeral director, letting them know that you would like to be buried at Sun Rising.

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The Importance of Writing a Will

Research from the Probate Service in the UK shows that 57% of people still die without a valid Will.  It's also estimated that 19% of adults have had a substantial change in circumstances since drawing up their original Will - but have taken no action to update it. Even if you have a valid Will, the chances are that you know someone who could well die without one. Dying without a Will can cause serious problems - and unwanted stress - for surviving relatives.

The property belonging to some who dies intestate (without a valid Will) is inherited according to a strict set of rules commonly known as the intestacy rules. Instead of the property going to the person's chosen beneficiaries, it is left to other relatives in a particular order and according to specific rules of distribution.  For example, a surviving spouse has no automatic right under UK law to inherit all their spouse's property if there is no effective Will.

Just as leaving your last wishes clear with regard to your funeral is a genuine gift to your family and friends, equally valuable is leaving a valid Will.
My Decisions is a website that helps you write an advanced directive or living will, expressing your wishes with regard to healthcare towards the end of life.
Age UK - type 'End of Life Planning' into their search box - is an excellent source of free advice.

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