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after a cremation

After a Cremation

At Sun Rising there is the option of interring ashes.  Having a place where ashes are buried means family and friends have somewhere they can visit their loved one, to sit and talk, to reflect and find healing in nature's tranquility. As with coffin burial, it is possible to inter ashes in meadow or woodland plots.

Some families make arrangements to inter ashes through a funeral director, but it is also possible to do it directly with us.  Give us a call - we can meet and talk through your needs, hopes and ideas.

Please note: the scattering of ashes is strictly prohibited at Sun Rising.  This is because we are creating a nature reserve. Ashes are very rich, altering the fertility and pH of the soil, killing the beautiful native wildflowers, and encouraging the growth of wasteland plants, such as stinging nettles.

Options for Cremated Remains

In woodland areas, ashes can be interred and a sapling planted on the plot about a foot from the grave. A small slate plaque can be placed beside the tree.  In the meadow, graves disappear beneath the changing vista of native grasses and wildflowers, but a plaque can be bought for one of the pathside or trackside memorial posts.

Ashes can be interred in a biodegradable container or families are free to inter ashes without a container.

Germander Speedwell at Sun Rising
Marbled White on Common Knapweed at Sun Rising

Ethical Caskets and Urns

If ashes are to be interred in a container at Sun Rising, they need to be in a biodegradable casket, urn or other container.

After a cremation, ashes are usually presented to the family in the 'polytainer' - a heavy duty plastic urn.  If you tell your funeral director that you are planning on interring at Sun Rising, they will offer you a range of card, willow, bamboo or unvarnished wooden containers.  We cannot accept caskets made of MDF with wood veneers.  Otherwise, ask us - we can source many beautiful, ethical containers.  We also our own simple, hand-made caskets.

Sun Rising caskets are 100% recycled card, decorated in summer flowers and autumn leaves from the natural burial ground. These are simple, inexpensive, wholly ethical, and each one is seasonal and entirely unique.


Ecoffins are one of the older companies selling willow and bamboo urns and caskets that are popular. These are imported, but using ethical logistics. They only deal with co-operatives and certified fair-trade.

Natural Woven Coffins is the importing arm of Somerset Willow, selling ashes made of imported reeds and grasses.

Somerset Willow is an old family firm making high quality English willow coffins.

It is easy enough nowadays to buy a scattertube online: these are cardboard, fully biodegradable and appropriate for burial. Some families create their own containers, or use carrier bags, calico or cotton bags, decorating them as they wish. Here are some ready-made ideas too.

Ecopod make a beautiful acorn shaped urn made of papier maché, in deep red or leaf green (shown in the photograph above).

Eco-Urns are handmade,entirely personal, bespoke, papier maché urns by the artist, Annie Leigh. She can do pretty much any shape you may like, production taking some 4-6 weeks.
Tel : 01379 677344

Pegg's Yard offer handmade caskets of natural and eco-friendly materials. They are beautifully crafted, and come in a range of colours and designs, from the bold to the delicate.
01787 372465