Sun Rising Testimonials
Sun Rising Testimonials


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"Nothing but the highest of praise, for you Emma and Sun Rising, from all those attending Karen's tucking up. Sarah, the only female bearer, said later that night, "today was as perfect as it could possibly have been. By heck is was raw but by heck it was beautiful". Another bearer said he was imagining himself transported back into Thomas Hardy territory. I can't adequately express what Sun Rising has meant to me. Simply saying a heart felt thank you seems so trifling."

Anna TC

"On behalf of our whole family I wish to thank you Emma, and your team, for all of your assistance in ensuring our tribute to Pops went so very smoothly. All attending agreed that Sun Rising is such a beautiful setting and a fine send-off befitting a very unique character. Your quiet efficiency made everything flow so seamlessly whilst managing to remain unobtrusive at all times. We could not have pulled it off so well without your advice and support."

Angie Veysey
"The burial ground is very well managed and very well maintained. The management are very knowledgeable regarding the benefits that it will bring to wildlife and wild flowers."
D Burford

"My brother was a law unto himself. Nobody told him what he should, or should not, do. He was a free spirit. This beautiful Nature Reserve, where wild things live, is the perfect place for his soul to rest; and I look forward to every single visit - thank you Emma, David, and Mark."

Tim Howe
"At Sun Rising 'Everything is possible' was the message we got. If you feel you might like to do something, like carry and lower the coffin, you will be encouraged and empowered to do so. Emma ensures that you are enabled to fulfil anything that might, even tentatively, be on your 'wish' list. She knows you only have one opportunity to get this right. ... Joss' funeral was a beautiful, personal ceremony of celebration, of both him and the immense love that we shared. We had experienced and participated in our ideal. We felt understood and cared for. It impressed so many people."
Sue Clempson
"Whenever I think of my beautfiul Dad and his final resting place, it is with a sense of absolute peace and tranquility."
Kim MacKechnie
"Mum always said she wanted a natural burial with no coffin and only flowers from the garden - so that was what we gave her."
Louise Tennant
"Emma helped me give my mum dignity and beauty in her death."
Marianne Westwood
"Please may I finally thank you again for your kind attention to detail and lovely newsletters. Having you as the guardian of Sun Rising and our son's resting place is very important and special to Katie and I. We always feel that we could not have chosen a better place for our son to rest."
Stephen Fantom

"On the day Emma greeted us as we arrived, stayed throughout the ceremony/burial and spent time talking to the family at the end. Unfortunately some of the family were unable to attend due to poor health and had been upset at this. I had intended to set a camcorder on a tripod so that they could at least see the ceremony and the site. Emma's partner, David, who was also on site on the day of the funeral, immediately offered to help out and did a fantastic job - thank you so much."

"Thank you for your amazing burial ground. We buried my friend yesterday. It was the best funeral I have been to by a million miles and will be a huge part of the healing process for everybody who loved her. It was so enlightening to experience how differently it can be done and how it doesn't have to be so frightening. It is hard to articulate how moved we all were by this experience but I can tell you that a lot of people I spoke to all came away saying that is how we would like our funerals to be. Breaking through the psychological barrier and putting the earth into the ground ourselves was an incredible thing to do. Thank you for making this all possible."
Robyn Dorling

"So to the downsides, and there are only a couple. Currently there are no toilet facilities on site but that is being addressed' (onsite toilet available mid Sept 2013: ed) 'but Tysoe Tea Rooms are just a mile away and are a good meeting point - problem solved. The second is that it was a 70 miles round trip for us from Daventry, and can make it a long day for some of the older folks. But ... Would we do it again? - oh yes, for sure. So many who attended were overflowing with compliments about Sun Rising and have since told me that it has made them re-think their own plans. Personally, both my partner and I have made it clear that this is where we wish to rest when our time comes."

"... That's all - except that we also discovered that Sun Rising is the perfect place for a burial and the staff are the most committed, caring, tactful, flexible, efficient, unobtrusive, friendly, supportive, warm . . . need I go on?'"
Pat Hotson
"I would like to pass on a very big thank you from myself and the wider family for being able to avail ourselves of the opportunity to inter my mother and sister in such a truly beautiful and peaceful place as the Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground. We could hardly have chosen a better day to see it at its absolute best. I feel very content to know that my mother's last resting place is in such a tranquil spot. I also very much valued that we could have a ceremony to fit our own wishes in accordance with what I know my mother would have liked. Thank you for the time you gave for this to be arranged."
Penelope Halpin
"The funeral ceremony for my late husband was arranged entirely by Sun Rising Nature Burial Ground near Tysoe, Warwickshire. My requests and suggestions were delicately and tactfully discussed with Emma which resulted in a ceremony free from any worry or hiccup. Nothing was too much trouble for Emma and we were in regular communication from initial enquiry through to the day of the funeral. The organisation by Sun Rising burial ground together with the dedication and co-operation by the Humanist Celebrant (Ian Willox) was faultless. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sun Rising Nature Burial Ground"
Jan Freeman
"My Mother and I would like to thank you for your help in arranging and making such a difficult day a little less painful. Sun Rising is such a beautiful and tranquil place which provides a noticeable air of comfort and wellbeing. A number of our guests commented on this. Thank you once again."
Tarquin Murray-Holgate

"Thank you for your gentle guidance yesterday and a heartfelt thank you from our family for such a truly beautiful burial. We all agreed that, whilst it was all so heartbreaking and devastating to lay to rest Benedict who we all loved so much, it was the most perfect & deeply personal experience. To be allowed to enter the grave with him to place the earth on him so gently & fill the grave - the hardest thing we’ve ever done but also the last act of love we could perform for our precious man. An unconventional, unique and loving burial which reflected him and his folks to an absolute T."  [Using a simply shroud and willow base, instead of a coffin, the family backfilled the grave themselves.]

Karen Grenfell

"Can I take this opportunity of thanking you for everything you did to help us plan our son's funeral. Your concern, thoughtfulness, attention to detail and professionalism were exemplary and although it was such a heart-breakingly sad occasion, we have also taken from it many happy memories."

"Everyone who attended the interment thought the grounds were fantastic!"

Diane Rimmer
"Thank you for providing not just any place for Peter's recent burial - what you do there has felt absolutely right for him and our family."
Judith Flinn
"We visited Sun Rising and sat in the sun, soaking up the beauty and peace of the place. It was so painful but reassuring at the same time. This was the perfect place for our beautiful boy"
Anna Kingsley

"It is a genuine nature reserve. No plastic mementos or anything decorative is allowed. There are simple memorial posts. I cannot think how it could be improved. Not many people could bury their beloved to the music from a harpist and brown hares running around. Perfect."

Sue Richards

"Sue's ceremony at Sun Rising was a celebration of her life, her loves and those people she touched, and yes, sadness too. It was shaped in no small way by the care, concern and quietly directive manner in which Emma opened the burial ground up to me so I could achieve Sue's wishes for her burial. Also the superb services of the Civil Celebrant, Tricia Empson, contributed greatly. Sun Rising is simply extraordinary, having the capacity and facility to mark individual lives in truly individual ceremonies. There is a calm and peace in knowing that Sue's remains are in the soil of this natural and magical place, where both our mothers are also laid to rest."

Alex Robertson
"Very pleased with all the arrangements and the very personal touches."
Shirley Wilson
"I also wanted to thank you for yesterday; Mum would have been really pleased with how it all worked out. Thank you also for your excellent and compassionate customer service. It has made the necessary organisation of Mum's burial a pleasure rather than a chore."
Caroline Flakelar
"When Dennis died unexpectedly I was faced with finding the right place to bury him. I knew a conventional graveyard would not be the right resting place and so started looking for a natural burial ground. From the moment I met Emma at Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground I knew that I had found the right spot for Dennis. As you walk around the nature reserve you have a sense of peace. Emma helped us choose the right plot, explained the coffin options and even helped ensure the funeral went smoothly. Nothing was too much trouble for Emma. She also helped eliminate some of the anxiety surrounding organising a funeral. I can’t thank Emma enough for the support she offered me before, during and after the funeral. I’m so pleased that we chose Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground; this was absolutely the right choice."
Liz Tucker

"My uncle, who passed away recently, had let it be known to some (but not all of the family) that he wished to have a natural burial. We also decided that a celebrant service would complement the request. This would be a first for our family!! He had expressed a preference for a particular site, but having visited and me tthe people running it I had some major doubts as to the location and the reasons and aims of their "business". So began a two day search for somewhere to meet the wishes of my uncle. I also had to reassure the members of the family who were not aware of his wishes that this type of burial would be respectful and dignified on the day, but also that the principles and forward views of the site were honourable"

"I was so pleased when I found Sun Rising (recommended by a funeral director). Not only is the site in the most beautiful location you could ask for, but Emma, who met me at the site, was the most honest and natural person you could wish to have guiding you through the process. At last I had my uncle's final resting place. Communication from Emma up to the day of the funeral was excellent and you can tell that she really does care that everything is right for you. Sun Rising is not a business to her, it is a passion. For example, careful selection of the plant life, and housing of bees on the site to ensure pollination of the woodland and meadow flowers, and the forethought put into the forward planning of the site is to be commended."

"Happy" is not maybe the right word to use but that is exactly how we felt as we left the site. Something to do with the location, the service we chose, Emma and David? Sun Rising is all of the above, beautiful, respectful and peaceful. We would recommend anyone wishing a natural burial to go to this location, regardless of the type of ceremony you elect for on the day.
David Lees
"... what can I say about yesterday other than it was the perfect way to say goodbye to Steve! Everything about the day went just how I had hoped it would and even exceeded my expectations! Thank you so much, Emma, for creating such a beautiful setting and for making it possible to turn an occasion of such sadness and despair into one so uplifting. Yes, there were tears but there were far more smiles and even laughter. I've had so many messages and calls from people saying that it was the best funeral they had ever attended! I feel such relief and contentment knowing that Steve would have loved it."
Hilary Brice
"On behalf of our family and close friends, I should like to say how grateful we were for the sensitivity and concern you showed on Saturday when we interred Sue's ashes. Your comments and poem gave a structure to our 'service' and, while recognizing our sense of loss, also gave an uplifting message. In all my contacts with you, I have been struck by your sympathetic awareness of my feelings and concerns, and your readiness to accommodate my wishes. I am sure we have chosen the most fitting place for Sue's ashes to rest in peace."
Norman Madden
"Thank you so much for making the burial of my Mum so much easier. You have been so gentle and kind throughout. I felt in very safe hands, knowing that you knew the job inside out and would guide me in the right direction. This was never more so than when there was a technical hitch between the Registrar and the Coroner's office. You were so reassuring when we spoke on the phone and were kind enough to speak to the Registrar to establish what my best options would be. I very much appreciated your calming words. Many of our friends have all commented that they have never been to such a beautiful funeral. It was wonderful to have absolute freedom to celebrate my Mum's life in a way that included everyone in the family. Thank you for being part of it and for helping to make it so."
Sara Kernohan

"The experience of laying my mother to rest at Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground was so positive that all those who attended (a deliberately small group of family and close friends) commented how peaceful it turned out. What a wonderful memory they have to hold on to, of that special midsummer's day. As the one liaising with Emma beforehand I commend her highly. Right from the initial enquiry she radiated calm support and compassion. We were given all the relevant information in the right order. Emails were replied to swiftly, even at weekends. We were guided to make choices in line with our wishes. There was always a strong ethical underpinning to what was suggested. No pressure to make decisions. It felt good to be helped to thoughtfully choose the place we preferred within the Woodland area. Also Emma offered to decorate my mother's cremation box with their own meadow flowers to personalise it. Practical help was given in an unflustered and non-intrusive way with last minute arrangements to connect the mp3 player, using their battery to overcome the fact that there is no electricity on the site. We feel so grateful that we were able to have this experience and will always associate Sun Rising with a place of tranquility."

Joanna Francis