Ri Price

Ri’s Marathon

Ri Price, who has a close family member laid to rest at Sun Rising, is a running a marathon in a few weeks, over in Berlin, and has chosen to raise money for The Friends of Sun Rising.  Thank you, Ri!  I’m hoping that her words will inspire some of our readers to sponsor her.  Here are some words from Ri :

As most of you know, I am running the Berlin Marathon on 25th September. Eek. It’s my second marathon, so I do feel a bit cheeky asking for sponsorship again but I really want to be able to help this amazing charity so I am hoping you might dig deep one more time (this is my LAST marathon!).

I promise you it is not easier the second time around, it has been a grueling training period and to give you some idea of the TORTURE I have put myself through, since April, I have run a total of 371 miles. That’s the equivalent of me running to Cologne in Germany. That’s really far! And that is 55 hours, 45 mins and 6 seconds of running with only myself for company! As you all can imagine, that’s super boring!

Anyway, enough of that, onto the important bit … I am raising money for The Friends of Sun Rising which is a charity very close to my heart and a charity that is of great support and comfort to people who have lost a loved one. At the bottom of this email, I have included a bit more information about them.

Because they are a small charity, they aren’t set up on JustGiving so I am hoping that, if you want to donate, you will be comfortable donating through their website on PayPal (you don’t need an account for this as you can pay with debit or credit card). Please can I just ask that you write “Ri marathon” in the notes to the seller section just so I can gauge how much I managed to raise for them.


Thanks so much in advance for anything you are happy to donate, it means a lot.

Oh and this is me in some serious pain after a 15 mile run…

Ri Price

Ri Price

Peas. x

A bit about The Friends of Sun Rising

When choosing where to lay a loved one to rest, the peace and beauty of a place is enormously important – knowing that this tranquillity will be safeguarded is equally crucial.

The Friends is the charity which will provide care and protection for Sun Rising Natural Burial Ground and Nature Reserve into the future.  At the point when there are no longer new burials or memorials, the natural burial company will step back, and The Friends will take over the protection and management of this special place, ensuring its legacy as a valuable nature reserve and a place held in memory of all who have been buried within it.

Until then, its task is to support the company’s vision for Sun Rising. This is achieved through volunteer days, for example, planting bulbs and trees, and fundraising events such as music recitals, shared memorial services and open days.  Primarily, however, the charity’s crucial purpose is to raise the capital it will need to manage the site in perpetuity.

Currently the charity has minimal outgoings, as in the main these are covered by the natural burial company.  As a result, almost every single penny that is donated goes towards this long-term fund that will ensure the protection and care of the burial ground and nature reserve well beyond our own lifetimes, and those of our children and grandchildren.